Highcrest Farms

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Get Involved

Get Involved

Don’t just stand there – come over and meet one of our residents. You might make a friend for life!

Hen House

Mr. Roo

Merino, Aspen & sage




Make a difference by donating. Highcrest Farms depends on donations to bring the healing touch of animals to those who need it most.

Sponsor a Friend

What do Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Autism, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, and Grief have in common? They are all helped by the touch of animals. Animals can provide non-judgmental comfort which alleviates suffering. Healing matters.

Animal-Assisted Therapy has been proven to help people recover from a wide variety of health issues, emotional disorders, and life situations.

Animals have a unique capacity to boost the emotional well-being of vulnerable groups, in ways that people might not be able to. Please consider a donation to Highcrest Farms, so we can bring this healing to people who need it most.