Highcrest Farms

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About The Farm

About the Farm

Highcrest Farms is a non profit 501(c)(3) Farm that was created by Dr. RaeLynn Brister to enrich the lives of both children, teens, adults and rescued barnyard animals through therapeutic interactions creating moments of healing, joy and happiness . Uniquely situated in Cameron Park, Ca. We provide barnyard buddies so you can experience the healing touch only animals can give. our wellness journey is cradled in the serene beauty of green pastures, colourful sensory gardens, peaceful oaks and friendly farm animals. Release your stress and breathe in the calming energy of the farm. You are welcomed here.

What We Do

Highcrest Farms offers clinical and therapeutic services and programs for children, teens and adults with unique needs in a safe, inclusive space. Animal Thera-Play is based on the overwhelming results we have seen with animals as healers. The healing & teaching abilities of animals are truly infinite. While we mainly are focusing on special-needs and terminal ill children, this program is open to anyone looking to experience the lessons, love, & healing that these incredible beings have to offer.

Many of our clients and visitors describe our nature-based experiences as unforgettable, positive and life changing. That makes our hearts happy because each experience is thoughtfully created and presented in a quiet, natural setting for you to explore and thrive.

Working with our friendly and supportive therapist – along with the comfort of our animals—you’ll build greater resilience, confidence and independence. You’ll also learn how to relate better to others and to cope with whatever life challenges are thrown your way.

Our land, trails and gardens are a base from which to promote health and wellness. As part of reaching your therapy goals, you have the opportunity to engage in farming or horticulture activities—agricultural work, tending to animals, garden work, and more. It’s an ideal way for you to reconnect to the earth, animals, nature and yourself.

How spending time with animals and nature can help

There is a well-established and growing body of evidence that shows that spending time hands-on with plants and animals can make a noticeable difference to your well-being. Some of those benefits include:

  • Increased self-esteem
  • Improved social interaction
  • Enhanced confidence
  • Developing awareness of well-being
  • Working individually and as part of a team
  • Preventing deterioration in many conditions
  • Seeking paid employment or voluntary work

It confirms that time spent with animals in a natural environment where you can learn and grow will only do you good.

Join the Cause

Only by working together can we create a healthy and sustainable future for our planet, and all of the human and nonhuman animals with whom we share it.